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  • Éditeur: Pelckmans uitgevers
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  • Couverture: (Néerlandais)
  • La langue: Néerlandais
  • ISBN-10: 9461318960
  • ISBN-13: 978-9461318961
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Les critiques de livres

Levend speelgoed


While it is not exactly an enormous feat to read all of Chelsea's books, I feel as if I have come to know her over the years through her essays and memoirs. When this book came out, I was a bit leery. Though it's about Chelsea (who is almost always funny), it wasn't written by her and therefore I was suspect. Still, I had read all of her previous books and was in a serious Handler drought so I decided to take a chance. I was disappointed. While I chuckled a few times and smiled every couple of chapters, it lacked the side-splitting milk-coming-out-of-your-nose kind of laughter. Basically this book is a collection of essays written by Chelsea's family, friends, and writers about the pranks that Chelsea has pulled on them ranging from attempting to ruin a co-workers honeymoon to trying to get her brother to sleep with one of her staff. Some of the essays are funny but it's really hit or miss. Interestingly, I found the sections written by her comedic writers to be the least funny and those written by her family made me giggle. Still, I think these essays made her come off as sounding mean and ungrateful. While I have a suspicion that this isn't true, it did taint my view of her a little bit. For fans of Chelsea, I think you might find some interest in this book. But I will spend my time re-reading "Are you there vodka" instead. www.iamliteraryaddicted.blogspot.com

2020-08-12 21:59



2020-01-21 01:37


C'est une si bonne histoire vraie que je viens de regarder cet autre livre et l'annexe était si petite !!!!!!

2020-01-19 03:36


LOOOOVE Castle sur ABC, Richard Castle est si plein d'esprit et HANDSOME. J'ai hâte de terminer ce livre MISE À JOUR: Enfin terminé ce livre, j'ai gardé la page en tournant jusqu'à la fin. <3 Roach!

2019-12-24 12:11

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