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  • ISBN-10: 2812922435
  • ISBN-13: 978-2812922435
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  • Séries: TERRE DE POCHE
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Galoches Rouges (les)


This book has one important message: that the nutrients in whole foods are digested differently from a nutrient extract. Last night, I watched a mediocre documentary on the Bushmen of southern Africa. They have this plant named hoodia that is supposed to function as an appetite suppressant. Unilever swooped in on the deal and made a 'hoodia extract' in pill form. Trouble is, the conclusion I made is that this is an example of the American micronutrient love affair. The reason hoodia suppressed the Bushmen's appetite is that they EAT IT. THEY EAT IT WHOLE AND IT FILLS THEM UP BECAUSE IT IS FOOD. I am sure spinach would do the same thing for our nation's overweight. Pick this book up for its one valuable postulate. It is an easy, pleasurable read.

2020-09-16 23:54

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